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  • Recognizing Exceptional Moments


You made a difference!

So much so, someone stopped what they were doing to make sure you knew. Hopefully, they shared why they were compelled to acknowledge you with a Got Spotted token. What they wanted to say was:


Please receive your recognition. For whatever the reason, you made a real difference to someone.

Way to go!


a social
experiment to
empower ourselves
and others

a fun and
creative way
to appreciate

to see what’s



Congrats and compliments have greater impact when there is a visual element. That is why receiving a physical greeting card means so much. Similarly, the Got Spotted token makes kind words more real and allows one to carry that good-feeling moment into the future.


Everyone benefits. Especially the Giver! Carrying tokens is a constant reminder to be on the lookout for exceptional moments, which attracts more of the same. Practicing appreciation returns a constant flow of positive experiences into one’s life.


The Project attracts those who enjoy uplifting others and living on the positive side of life. They are possibility thinkers engaging life to get the most out of it. They like creating fun moments and being a real difference maker.

For your favorite waiter to a first-responder, offering GSP tokens at home, school, work, or play is perfect for recognizing exceptional moments.


Request your free tokens and make a difference.

One in a million that’s all it takes to make a the difference. It’s easy. It’s fun, and the benefits are amazing:

  • a greater awareness of surroundings (mindful and grounded)
  • improved health (increased energy)
  • a feeling of connection with others (happier)

The FREE Token Pack (we even pay for the mailing) includes 5 tokens and a foldout . That’s five opportunities to affect five lives, including your own—five times!

To receive your tokens, please fill out the form to the right. Once you submit your request, you will receive an email in your inbox to confirm your shipping information.

Experience the possibilities.

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