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50 Spotting Moments – Got Spotted Project
  • Recognizing Exceptional Moments


Here are some ideas to get you spotting exceptional moments in your life!

  • Spotting an excellent service experience
  • Spotting a courageous response by someone
  • Spotting a powerful artistic performance
  • Spotting an act of great leadership
  • Spotting someone landing their first job
  • Spotting your child accomplishing something important to them
  • Spotting someone volunteering to help out
  • Spotting a child operating a lemonade stand
  • Spotting a Girl Scout selling cookies (probably have to by a box)
  • Spotting a person helping an elderly person
  • Spotting a unusually awesome cashier/customer exchange
  • Spotting a mother demonstrating high-level parenting skills
  • Spotting a father being an awesome dad
  • Spotting someone making a generous donation
  • Spotting a powerful artistic performance
  • Spotting someone scooping your sidewalk
  • Spotting someone hosting an awesome party you’re attending
  • Spotting a friend helping you move (and not complaining)
  • Spotting someone getting positively mentioned in the newspaper
  • Spotting someone graduating high school/college
  • Spotting someone stopping to jump your car battery
  • Spotting a courteous, thoughtful driver
  • Spotting a first-responder making a difference
  • Spotting the trash man for his service
  • Spotting an excellent outcome from your realtor
  • Spotting superior employee effort
  • Spotting a superior buying experience (clothes, car, etc.)
  • Spotting your stylist giving you the best haircut
  • Spotting your pilot being awesome
  • Spotting someone helping to push a stranded car
  • Spotting superior workmanship by your contractor
  • Spotting a stranger offering a kind word
  • Spotting an amazing bartender doing his thing
  • Spotting a speaker giving an outstanding message
  • Spotting an exceptional student by a teacher
  • Spotting someone proposing
  • Spotting your mailman for his dedicated service
  • Spotting an excellent customer by a cashier/manager

  • … help us add to this list.

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